Ruth’s Official Bio

Ruth is a global trainer, learning and development consultant, career coach and (almost author).

Ruth’s mission is to help people thrive in the rapidly changing digital world. 

During her career she has worked at all levels from Manager to Director and delivered     successful projects in multiple sectors. Her expertise has been built working for large, medium and start-up businesses from higher education to data science consulting..

Drawing on her 20 years of professional experience, she has been designing dynamic, fast paced and impactful training courses and workshops for over 13 years. She brings a laser focus on understanding and meeting business needs and objectives. Her data-driven approach focuses relentlessly on ensuring her training meets learning objectives that result in real business impact.

Business Qualifications and Licences: ILM Certificate in Leadership and Management, Associate Member of the British Neuroscience Association, Belbin Team Roles Accredited, Accredited at Senior Practitioner Level by European Mentoring and Coaching Council 

the unofficial Bio

Hi, it’s really lovely to have you visit!

For me, there is nothing more miraculous than helping people learn and it is my great privilege and pleasure to be able to make this the heart of my work. 

I love it so much I just can’t stop! I was delivering training courses up to a few days before my daughter was born. 

Along with training, I’ve always loved being challenged and crave diversity. It didn’t always make me the best employee! 

I have designed my working life so that no week ever looks the same. In the same week I might be delivering a corporate training course, consulting on learning and development, working 1:1 with someone and designing a new online course. 

Underneath it all, I am a total learning, personal and professional development geek. I have spent over 19 years strategizing, planning, testing and creating a career I can be in love with. I’ve read thousands of books about careers, work, life and more.

And I’ve only just got started! My dream would be that I love my work so much that I work until the day I die. I am inspired by people like Oliver Sachs who worked into his late 80s. 

 You could say my career has been unconventional. 

For 15 years, I was a highly ambitious employee building a traditional career, climbing the ladder. In every job I worked so hard that every time I was promoted. I was promoted from coordinator to manager to head of a department. I sat on the board of charity and was Chair of my professional association. At the same time, I was always doing side projects, starting side hustles and dreaming of an entrepreneurial life. 

Then I started my family and was shocked by the systematic and societal challenges there are for many mothers who want to have a family and work. 

Having my first child strengthened rather than weakened my passion for work and made me more, not less ambitious. I knew it was time to take the leap from traditional employment to being totally in charge of my own destiny. 

I became a freelancer.

It was the best decision I ever made. Even with all the ups and downs and worry about security and money that comes with the territory. As a freelancer, I’ve had the most amazing experiences. I was the marketing consultant for the launch an ethical beauty brand now stocked in John Lewis, I was the product manager for a new data science capability assessment tool now used at Heathrow, I’ve been an Interim Director of Innovation (which is a whole other story!)

In 2019, I decided to take another leap from self employment to my own limited company and the exciting journey continues. 

I’ve had some amazing experiences so far from live streaming a keynote speech to thousands around the world, being featured in the press and helping more than 1000 people learn new skills and mindsets. 

I can’t wait to bring all my knowledge, experience and abilities to help you on your journey. 

Love Ruth

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