May 28, 2020

For many of my clients, they haven’t had coaching before, or if they have, it was paid for by their company rather than being an investment of their own money.

If you are curious about coaching and why someone would invest in it, I hope this article can help you. 

Because coaching is a significant investment, of both time and money.

An experienced, successful coach with a proven track record and client testimonials is never cheap. Fees can range from hundreds of pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds or if you’re working with Tony Robbins $1m+.

If you’re considering coaching to help you achieve your dreams, goals or intentions, it’s important you know why it’s the right fit over other options like training, mentoring, hiring a consultant or just going it alone. 

I started writing this article and was sharing why I thought my clients invested in coaching. Then I realised it was much more powerful to share with you why my clients actually invest in coaching, in their own words. So, I reflected on the last 100 hours of coaching sessions I have done with clients and these are some of the reasons my clients gave. 

(All my clients have 100% confidentiality so there are no names or job titles with these quotes. If you do want to work with me, I’d be happy to connect you so you can speak to them) 


They Wanted Bespoke, Customised Support

“I knew I needed some help to move my business forward and although I had signed up previously to memberships and courses it felt like I needed 1:1 support. Tailored support for both me as a person and my business as opposed to generic support. I had tried doing it by myself and I had got as far as I could with online courses. Having customised support for my business made all the difference”

They Wanted External Accountability 

“I was stuck in a rut in terms of next steps in my career plan. I had made the big decision about quitting my corporate job but was struggling to articulate next steps.I had tried mapping out my ideal career on paper, digitally but nothing was making sense. I had a 13 week planner that I was too scared to write in for fear of my plans not working out. I was afraid of stating what I really wanted and was stagnant in terms of progress. I had a lot of ideas and was trying to do too much at once and ultimately not doing much at all. Setting out alone can be daunting and Ruth is great at putting your thoughts, skills and ideas into frameworks and processes to bring more clarity and ultimately peace of mind”

They Wanted Support To Take Action

“I have recently started a new business and I knew coaching would help accelerate my progress. Before having coaching, I had tried ‘working it out on my own’ and following various courses. I also read avidly so I had a lot of prepositional knowledge. I wanted help putting it into practice, and eliminating the things that I don’t need to focus on just yet and coaching has been helpful here.”

They Had Done The Courses and Group Programmes and It Was Time For 1:1 Coaching

“I’ve done all the courses, signed up to all the memberships and knew I was ready for the next level of support – coaching. So I’d been keeping my eyes open for a coach although not actively looking. I wanted to work with someone I could relate to, who shares similar values, has a similar business model and who’s further along in business than me but doesn’t feel unattainable. I’ve got the point where I’ve invested as much as I could in personal development, online courses, group coaching programmes etc. I needed something high-touch and to keep me accountable.”

They Wanted Clarity On Their Goals

“I joined a local networking group as I thought that would reap reward with new business leads, but quickly realised without clarity of direction I couldn’t make the most out of the networking. I started to feel my confidence ebbing due to the lack of results from the membership. I would say I love a course and in doing courses hope to become or feel more confident. Ruth made a very good point that some people and possibly this is me, continually feel the need to upskill but it doesn’t always result in more confidence. Rather I should take a look at what I have done and take confidence from the positive actions, feedback and relevant experience that I have accrued to date. In writing these points down I did feel a physical wave of confidence!”

I hope that hearing the reasons why other people have invested in coaching has been helpful for you whether you choose me as your coach or not. 

If any of this sounds like you and you’d like to find out more, drop me a message and let’s set up a call.


Love Ruth