What is your Dream?

Dec 3, 2019

I’ve always loved reading. 

I was one of those geeky kids with bottle top glasses and my nose in a book. Now, many years on, not much has changed. I still love books. I always have a least one, sometimes more, on the go at any one time. 

Raising a family and working doesn’t leave a lot of time for reading. But I squeeze in as much as I possibly can, whenever there is a moment here or a second there. 

Where is this leading? 

The answer is, I have finally admitted, I dream of writing a book.

It’s not a novel or a collection of short stories. It is a practical and actionable guide to writing a social media plan for social media managers, entrepreneurs and business owners. It brings together all my experience building a luxury brand, writing social media strategies and running social media training. 

So, what is holding me back? This is a question I don’t know the answer to.

It can’t be that I don’t know what to write because I do. The book is so clear in my mind, it is like I have already written it. I could tell you now the outline, the chapters, the stories and the contributors. I know, if I can deliver it well, that it will be of use to someone.

I’m not scared of failure or unsure about the topic, I know it back to front. 

It’s not that I don’t have the discipline to write. In the last two weeks alone, for this blog and my work, I’ve written over 20,000 words. The average non-fiction book is around 50,000 words. So I could write a first draft in a month. 

It’s not that I don’t know what the options are for publishing, I do. It’s simple really. Publish it as PDF on my own website, self-publish on Amazon or pitch to a publisher. Simple really.

Maybe it doesn’t matter why I’ve not started it already. The past is the past. All we can do is look forward and get started. 

So, on this Sunday evening, I have a simple question for you. 

What is Your Dream? 

Maybe we could start making it a reality together, starting today.

Love Ruth