What Can You Expect From Me In 2020? 

Jan 7, 2020

Happy New Year! 


I know it is the 7th of January which might be a bit late to be saying Happy New Year but I have taken my first extended Christmas break for many years. 


It has been heavenly to have the confidence and to be in a financial position to be able to do that as the year changed from 2019 to 2020. 


I needed the break after sprinting to get his new site live before Christmas. And it did at around 5.30pm on Friday 20th December. 


It brought me so much joy to see you lovely people visit the website over the season, take the quiz and sign up for the free Career Vision e-course. Even when I was eating mince pies and playing a version of Trivial Pursuit from 1974 (don’t ask why we don’t buy a new set!)


I hope you had a chance to take some time and space to reflect on the year gone by and the new year arriving. If you didn’t, I wonder what you might choose to change about that for next Christmas? 


Enough with the stealth coaching questions. On with the blog for today. 


What Can You Expect From Me In 2020? 


Quite a lot (is an understatement)! 


My vision is a world where everyone loves their work. A world where they have the skills they need, are rewarded, have an impact on the world and work with great people. A world where work may be hard work sometimes but it is worth it. 


I know it is a bold vision, especially when it is reported that over 80% of people hate or are disengaged from their work. It’s also a very long term vision and one I won’t be likely to be achieving single handedly this week. 


So, how am I going to go about getting closer to this vision?


Learning and Development Consultancy & Training Delivery


I am so happy to be working with some great clients as the year begins. 


Client privacy is so important to me so I won’t be going into lots of detail about my client work without their approval. What I can say is that I am delighted that I will be spending many days in the training room doing what I love this year. In some cases thats a real life training room and in others it will be a virtual classroom. Either way, it’s such a joy! 


I’m very excited to be delivering another course 1:1 in January. There is something very special about being able to do this and really help one person learn a new topic deeply and emerge with a tailored plan for implementation. 


If we’ve already working together or if we have a project planned, I’m so happy to be working with you! 


My Own Online Courses 


Online courses have made a huge impact on my career and it’s a real pleasure to be able to create my own. I’ve also spent 2018/19 designing and delivering short online courses and I loved it! 


This year, I’m going bigger and will be beta testing then launching a course to help you attract more clients or work opportunities using LinkedIn ‘Attract Clients and Work You Love Using LinkedIn Course…Your Way’ I will be keeping the first cohort small and the chance to join that group will be coming in January. If you haven’t joined the launch list yet, you can do so here. 


Career and Work Coaching 


In November, I set a goal of the number of people I wanted to work with 1:1 with in 2020. I thought I would aim to work with 8 people as a starting point. 


Then I got a brilliant reminder of why goals need to be reviewed regularly and flexible. 


I started talking to people about my coaching offer and instead of working with 8 people, I now have 24 people interested in working with me and lots of calls in the diary for January and early February. 


So, I’ve now updated that goal and I now aim to work with 60 people 1:1 this year and I get the feeling I might be updating that again in March time if some of the exciting conversations that are happening now. 


Like many coaches, I’ll be working in two ways:


  1. As an Associate Coach. I currently partner with one organisation and provide coaching as part of their programmes. There are also some really interesting conversations with new partners going on behind the scenes, I’ll let you know as soon as there is news to announce!


  1. My Own Practice: If you’d like to find out if coaching is for you and how I can help, you can book a free discovery call.


Guest Speaking and Teaching 


I’ll be partnering with a selected group of organisations this year. I’m having lots of interesting conversations about collaborations and being a guest expert. If there are ways to be involved, I will let you know. 


To kick off January, I am really happy to a guest LinkedIn expert on the new online coaching course for business owners who want to increase social media impact. You can find out more about it here https://www.thesocialbutterflies.club/. The first January course is full but there are limited spaces still available for February onwards. I am an affiliate for the course so if you decide to sign up and use the code RUTH_THOMSON at the check out you’ll get a £150 discount. 


I’ll be running a Masterclass for their students about LinkedIn and I can’t wait. I met the other experts recently and I am feeling lucky to be part of a group with such experience and knowledge. 




Writing will always be a big part of what I love to do so you’ll be seeing blogs from me over the year. It’s unlikely that I will continue to blog everyday but I plan to post at least once a week. 


I’m also in conversations with clients who want me to write for them too so there may be some exciting news on that front too soon!


Some Big Goals 


I am starting the year with an ambitious goa l- I want to positively impact the lives of over 25,000 people. This impact will range from a small impact for example someone taking a small positive step forward after reading a blog article or attend a free webinar to a bigger impact – when someone works 1:1 with me for 8 weeks on their career change. 


At present, these are the types of numbers I’m looking for 


  • I’d love to work with 60 people 1:1 
  • I’d love to train 350 people live  
  • I’d love 100 people to take one of my online self paced courses 
  • I’d love 24,000 people to read at least one of my blogs


I wonder, how these goals will play out over the coming months. What do you think? 


And So Many Ideas! 


If all of that wasn’t enough, I am bursting at the seams with more ideas. New products, new services, new collaborations and more.


One thing is certain, expect the unexpected. You know I’ll keep you informed!


There’s another blog coming up tomorrow. It’s a really exciting interview with a fantastic coach. It will also be the first guest interview for this site. 


See you tomorrow! 


Love Ruth