My Top 10 Tips To Attract Clients or Work Opportunities on LinkedIn

Jan 9, 2020

If you set a goal or an intention to attract new clients this year, I highly recommend you use LinkedIn.


Why do I recommend LinkedIn?


I can imagine you want a bit more than, it works!


There are many things I don’t like about LinkedIn and I’m sure you have many reasons why you don’t like LinkedIn too. They are all overridden by the fact that for me there is no better way to connect with potential clients.


When I was a freelancer, I tried local networking events, I tried cold emailing, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn won on the most important metric of all – the number of potential clients it allowed me to reach and then work with.


Client confidentiality is one of my most treasured values so I won’t be sharing with you client names and lifetime value here in a public forum. You wouldn’t want that if you became my client.


So what can I share with you?


  • My first client after I went freelance connected with me through LinkedIn. I’d never met her before and without LinkedIn she would not have known about me and what I offered
  • My highest paying client has been one I connected with on LinkedIn first
  • In my four years of freelancing, the majority of my clients have come from LinkedIn
  • My LinkedIn ROI (the amount of money and time I’ve invested vs the return) is huge. It beats any other way I’ve seen so far


For balance, I need to make clear that I have had clients from other places too. Facebook has been one other way and referrals from current clients are also important.


That’s fine for you…


I wonder if you are thinking, that’s fine for you, you’re…


You can fill in anything there. If you are, don’t worry, I really am not unique in any way. There are lots of people making LinkedIn work for them. I’m going to be sharing some interviews and case studies of other people who are using LinkedIn to attract clients or work opportunities too.


Before we crack on with the tips, I have to been blunt here. I am not promising that you will go on LinkedIn, spend a few minutes and be deluged by potential clients. I’m not trying to hype you into a get rich quick scheme here.


What I am saying is that if you follow these tips and invest a small amount of time regularly (or hire someone to help you do that), LinkedIn is a powerful tool to use.


The other important thing to note here is that I do not spam anyone, I don’t hard sell anyone and relationships with my network are so important to me. I’m in it for the long term and I want everyone in my network to feel they can trust being connected with me.


The Top 10 Tips


1) Make sure your profile answers the key questions – what do you do, how can I work with you and what results have you got for clients. Why? Because that is how someone is going to decide whether to connect with you.


2) Show your successes and results on your profile by uploading case studies, images etc as media in the Experience section. Have a look at my profile for some examples of what you can share.


3) Give and receive lots of testimonials, they provide social proof to your new connections. Every time you work with someone as them for a testimonial and write one for them.


4) LinkedIn is all about connections and your network. Identify who you want to work with and start connecting. Send a nice personal message to each person saying why you’d like to connect. I aim for 10 a day but sometimes do more. For example, I connected with 150 of my ideal customers in November. Hello if any of you are reading this! Thanks for connecting.


5) Don’t spam people and don’t hard sell people. The good news is that you don’t have to to be successful. Yay!


6) Split your time between supporting other people by commenting and sharing their posts and sharing content of use to your audience and information about your services or offers.


7) Have a simple process for what you’re going to do once you’ve connected with someone who you could help.  What’s the next step after they have connected with you? For me it’s suggesting a call or a meeting. Having that call or meeting and then working together. It can be that easy really.


8) Do a little a day or every two days. To use LinkedIn to attract clients you need to be there on a regular basis, connecting with new people and following up connection requests.


9) Ignore groups at the moment, they mostly rubbish. Hopefully this will change in the future. Sorry LinkedIn but it’s true.


10) Use only 1 metric to measure success – the number of potential customer conversations you have. Some people would call them leads, I like to think if them as people I haven’t had the chance to work with yet! Other metrics like Company Page followers, engagement, reach – none of it matters if you are not tracking the number of potential customers coming in the door.

What holds you back from using LinkedIn to attract new opportunities? Let me know and I’ll see if I can write a blog about it next time.


Oh and come and say hi on LinkedIn if we are not already connected.


Love Ruth