Interview: Why I love my work with Sorrel, Executive Coach And Facilitator

Jan 10, 2020


Why have one new interview series when you can have two (or three!). Along with the “How I Attract Clients” interview series, this one is “Why I Love My Work”.


Interestingly, they are intimately connected. When you love your work and show people you love it, you become immediately more attractive to clients and work opportunities. Every recruiter, business owner or hiring manager want to work with people are are passionate about their work.  

Why have I started this series?

As you probably know, part of my personal mission is to help people design work lives that they love. It’s always fascinated me that you can just tell some people are in love with the work that they do.


I could tell Sorrel is one of those people when I first met her so I couldn’t wait to interview her for this series.  


How do I know Sorrel? 


Sorrel and I were first introduced when I was looking for some help transitioning into freelance work all those years ago. I had clients and an OK monthly income from those clients but I felt frustrated and wanted to earn more. I also had a big potential client meeting coming up and wanted to feel confident about the daily rate I was going to charge. Coaching for me at that time was a big investment. The most I had ever paid for a service. However, I knew that if I could increase my income as a result, it would be worth the investment. 


Long story short, Sorrel helped me secure my highest day rate at that time and I left our sessions feeling more confident. 


That was quite a few years ago and it’s been lovely to look back at that time and see how that was a stepping stone to even bigger things. My monthly revenue is now (on average) five times that level and I have now coached others to achieve these types of outcomes too which is a great feeling.


Sorrel has such lovely insights to share about why she loves her work and how you might too. I’ll let her tell you in her own words





Tell us about yourself.


I am Sorrel Roberts, an Executive Coach, Coaching Skills Tutor and Facilitator.


My work focuses on three main areas: coaching for professional development, coaching skills development and supporting working parents. I also write about coaching.  


Why do you love your work? 

People are fascinating and unique and I get the great privilege of sharing some footsteps on their journey. Accompanying people and supporting them through the transitions that they seek or happen to find themselves in.  I am always learning, and never bored, which historically has been an issue.  

Personally, a thing that really makes a difference to my family and me is that I can work flexibly i.e. term time only and around sports days and performances.  An important perk is that I can justify expenditure on self-development courses, books and stationery!

Was there a time when you didn’t love your work?

I now in my 40s but I feel like I spent from the ages of 25 to 35 trying to work out what I wanted to be or do. It led me to lots of far-flung adventures and a huge variety of industry experience, but with coaching I finally arrived at what I wanted to do when I grow up.

How have you designed your business around the work you love?

The important things for me in my work are impact, learning and fun. So my work needs to fulfil those elements.

However, there is a hierarchy – If I don’t think the work I’m doing has the potential to have lasting impact, I won’t take it on. 

It’s also crucial to me to continue learning – so I do this in the form of courses, reading and regular supervision.

What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t love their work? 

Dissatisfaction can be a powerful guide towards what we do want. So I would invite them to spend some time thinking and feeling into that first – what is it specifically that they don’t love right now? What would they like more of less of? What do they love?

How will you be creating more opportunities to do work you love in 2020? 

I am really delighted with the blend of work I have right now so I will continue to work as an associate for organisations doing great work with integrity to share coaching skills and make them more available to more people. 

I will deliver Coaching Skills for Parents workshops in forward thinking organisations who want to support their people. And I will continue to work with people 1:1 on their individual personal and professional challenges and opportunities. 

Do you think everyone can design a work-life that they love? 

I think it is both possible and a privilege. It’s not a given. However, I think if it is something that is important to you (and I acknowledge that it isn’t to everyone) then it’s worth putting the energy into. 


What do you think holds people back from doing that? What can they do to overcome that? 

I think people often hold unconscious beliefs about what is possible for them and set up some false equations e.g. I can earn money but I can’t do something meaningful or vice versa. This is where I think coaching can be really valuable to help you surface and unpick those beliefs, and then more clarity can emerge. It’s much easier to find what you want if you know what you’re looking for in the first place.

If you’d like to know more about Sorrel, you can find her on 




Love Ruth