Feb 24, 2020


Welcome to the third interview in the “Why I Love My Work” series!

It is my great pleasure to welcome Kim Morgan to the blog today. She is CEO and Founder of the coach training company, Barefoot Coaching. 

One of my first coaches was a Barefoot trained coach.

Me being me, I set about researching the training she had completed and ensuring that she was (in my mind) ‘qualified’ enough to coach. Researching Barefoot, I was immediately impressed by the depth of the training they offer combined with being warm and welcoming. 

Everyone I spoke to who had worked with Barefoot spoke so highly of Kim and when her book  ‘The Coaches Survival Guide’ was published in 2019, I immediately bought it and read it. If you’re a new coach or scaling up your coaching, it is an invaluable guide. 

I am absolutely delighted that she shared this interview with me and with you too. 


Tell us about yourself.

I’m CEO and founder of Barefoot Coaching.  I started the business over 30 years ago and have been amazed and delighted at my business and the coaching industry have developed and grown in this time.  

We run ICF and University Accredited Postgraduate Coach Training Courses, as well as delivering all sorts of different coaching  offerings to individuals and organisations.  

I have written two books: The Coach’s Casebook (co-authored with Geoff Watts) and The Coach’s Survival Guide. We also produce a wide range of coaching cards for use at home or in the workplace.  I write a monthly column for Psychologies Magazine and do a lot of keynote speaking! Phew…!


Why do you love your work? 

For all of the above.  I am passionate about developing people and encouraging more meaningful conversations – in the workplace, at home, with ourselves or with others.

We have trained over 3,500 people to be coaches and it gives me a great delight to see all the wonderful work our coaches do after completing their coach training course. It is also wonderful knowing how many thousands of people have been coached by our alumni and what an incredible impact coaching is having on all these people.  

I love my time in the office with my team at Barefoot HQ and the way we work together and how much we laugh together.


Was there a time when you didn’t love your work?

No.  I loved work from the time I started working as a Saturday girl when I was 14. 

How have you designed your business around the work you love?

Yes, I think I must have because I was fascinated by personal growth and development from a young age. 

I have always been very entrepreneurial and loved running and growing a business (I remember starting a magazine when I was about 7 and selling it door to door in my street – until a neighbour reported me to my parents!)  

As a teenager I dreamed of being a journalist (until my headmaster discouraged me).  So – thinking about all that I loved when I was young and all that I do now, I think I did, albeit unknowingly or unconsciously, design my business around all my areas of interest/passion. 

It’s satisfying to notice that in spite of the discouragement from my headteacher I ended up being a magazine columnist!

What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t love their work?

Work with a coach to help them find the work they love! 

Ask them to write a letter to a friend as if they were looking back on their life, when they are retired and reflecting on a long and happy work life.  Ask them to put pen to paper and write without thinking too much, about what work they did, how they came to find the work they loved, who supported them and what were the high points in their career.

This is a great way of writing, without conscious thought, to find what gives you purpose and meaning and plays to your strengths.

How will you be creating more opportunities to do work you love in 2020? 

I have spent the last few years building a great team at Barefoot HQ, so that I can step back from the aspects of the business which do not play to my strengths – systems, processes and day to day operations.  

This is freeing me up to focus on developing the brand, the values and the creativity of the business….oh, and a bit more on my life outside of work too!

Do you think everyone can design a work-life that they love? 

I would love to say yes to this but there are any number of factors for people which can mean that this privilege is not always available to them – social, economic, emotional, financial and health considerations, among others.

I am a great believer in getting our needs and values met from different sources so if, for a time in your life, your work cannot be the work you love, seek out other ways of feeling fulfilled and doing things you love in other areas of your life.

Thank you so much Kim! I was so lovely to hear about why you love your work. 


Love Ruth