Interview: How I attract clients with Ruth Gilbey, Marketing and Coaching

Jan 16, 2020



I first met Ruth Gilbey in person in a cupboard. Strange but true. 


When the cupboard incident happened, Ruth and I had been studying social media marketing together and had known each other online for about a year. I had been so happy to hear we both planned to attend the same start up event.  


The cupboard in question was one of those ones you have at events to hang up your coats. Big enough to get one person in but not two. As I entered the cupboard, I had the moment of British awkwardness when I realised there was already someone in there. As I started to back out I realised it was Ruth G. I blurted out ‘Wow, you’re Ruth, I’m Ruth!’ to a very bemused Ruth. I wonder if she had started to fear I was a strange stalker. I followed it up with a super cool ‘Gosh you’re much taller than you seem online’.


I’m glad to say that even with this inauspicious start, we have stayed in contact and I am now delighted that she can share how she attracts clients.  


Tell us about yourself


I am a marketing coach and a digital marketing consultant for small business owners or marketers who are also business owners. I love helping people find what they love doing and then when they’ve found it, making it successful.  


I help people make their businesses succeed through marketing strategy and marketing. 


I remember being the person that needed support to play bigger. I was playing small. Instead of seeing myself as a business owner, I was measuring myself by my client’s success. 


It was a massive mindset shift for me and now I love helping people have that mindset shift and teaching them marketing to grow their businesses. 

Who are your ideal clients/who do you love to work with?  


People who have an online business and primarily are working from home. My clients want community and support, not just marketing tactics. 


They have so much potential but they don’t always see it in themselves. I love to teach them new skills and also be a cheerleader too. 


What’s your favourite way to attract clients? 


My favourite way to attract clients is through selling without selling.


When I am passionate about something, I can’t help telling people about it. Whether it is through a blog post, a presentation or in person.


I feel most passionate about my products and services when I am selling something that helps people. 


This is part of what I teach in my course. Become passionate about the work you do, show up online, create content and let your customers get to know you. Show them what you can do for them. That is the foundation of content marketing. 


What mistakes have you made when trying to attract new clients?


I’ve learned that in order to attract new clients you need to build an audience that knows, like and trust you and that email marketing is not dead. 


I wish I had started building my audience and email list sooner. My advice would be to start doing that at the beginning of your business. 



What advice would you give to someone who wants to attract more clients?

Get a website and invest time in email marketing. 


All of this is so much easier when you know who you want to work with. Get clear on who you want to be in your audience then get out there and test. Accept that you will be learning and don’t let anything stop you taking action. 


Everything you do will help grow your business if you are sharing your work and focusing on reaching your ideal customers. 

What do you think holds people back from attracting more clients and what could they do to overcome that?

I have found that people are scared of niching instead they work contract to contract. 


If you want to grow, it is worth investing the time to think about who your ideal client is and what areas of your work you are passionate about. Instead of designing a business around the leads you have, design a business you love and attract the leads you want. 


You can keep your current contracts running and build the dream business around alongside it. This is what many people in my course do. 


Give yourself the time to reflect and envision and once you are clear about where you’re going everything becomes easier. Many of the people on my course then found they got on a roll and things start happening.

What client attraction plans do you have for 2020? 


I’m running lots of free training and masterclasses in my Facebook group the Marketer’s Mastermind, I’m keen to help people understand how and why they need to used digital marketing to grow their business and attract their ideal clients.


I’m also running a The Freelancer to Business Owner 5-Day Challenge I’d love as many people as possible to join in so you can learn successful marketing strategies to help save you time and money.


Thank you Ruth!


Love Ruth