How to focus on a new customer saying yes rather than no

Jul 10, 2020

Is The Thought of Sales And Marketing Making You Procrastinate?

How to focus on a new customer saying yes rather than no

So many entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, when they think about marketing or selling, they imagine the potential customer saying no. 

They imagine annoying people, bothering people and they get stuck and procrastinate and their business doesn’t grow. This is a major problem because sales and marketing is the lifeblood of your business. 

Imagine if, instead of focusing on the customer saying no, you focus on the customer saying yes! 

See how that changes your enthusiasm. You might not notice but in that state you become more resourceful and more attractive to your customers. 

How can you do that? 

Here are two techniques for you to use before you sit down to do any marketing or sales activity in your business. 

The first is one you can use if you don’t have any customers yet. The second you can use when you have your first customers. 

Technique One: Your Customers Are Out There Waiting For You
Choose something you have been putting off. Whether it’s writing the About page of your new website or sending a message to an ideal client. 

Five minutes before you start working on this task, find a quiet space. 

Imagine a client you’d love to work with. Imagine them suffering from one of the problems you solve in your business. Imagine they are wishing they could find the perfect person to help them solve this problem.

For example, I imagine a purpose driven, woman wanting to create a business that gives her both freedom and security. I imagine her at her desk, doing work she doesn’t enjoy, feeling trapped and frustrated that she can’t seem to get started on her business. I imagine her wishing she could find someone to help her. 

Once you’ve got one client clearly in your mind. Imagine lots of them, all around the world, all suffering from the same problem and wishing they could find you. 

Try it out and see how this vision fuels your motivation to go out, find these people and connect with them. 

If your customers are out there waiting for you, all you’re doing in your sales and marketing is going out and finding them. Yes, you might find lots of people who are not ready, don’t want to spend the money or your not the right fit for them. There might be a lot of nos to get there but they take to close to the yes. 

And when you get to the right client and they say yes, that feels amazing! Which leads me nicely into technique two, which is one to use if you have 1 or more clients who you have worked with. 

Technique Two: Imagine How You and Your New Customers Will Feel When They Say Yes
In my business, I speak to potential clients by email and on video calls. Mostly, my potential clients become clients after we have had a video call which I call a Clarity Call. 

There is a special moment near the end of the call when there is a pause. And my potential client says. So Ruth, how can we work together? 

The, after I have told them how we can work together and if its a good fit, they say Thank you and how do I pay you? 

I love this moment because they are thanking me. They are planning to pay me and they are thanking me. 

This is so different from the mindset of getting or taking or scamming people out of their money. This is the mindset of service and mutual benefit. 

You’re developing a mutually beneficial partnership with your customers. 

Putting this into practice for you

Imagine the moment your customer says yes to working with you. Imagine how you will feel and how they will feel. Imagine them thanking you for finding them and giving them a service they really want and need. 

Save evidence of your positive impact and look at it regularly

In my customer conversations and coaching calls, I listen out for and collect evidence of the positive impact of my work. For example, one of my potential clients said, that was the best 60 minutes I have ever spent in my whole career. 

Look out for evidence in emails and save those. This is one I saved recently. She emailed to let me know she was excited about working together and that she’d paid my whole fee in advance.

In summary, don’t get stuck on marketing and sales tasks. Use your imagination and your evidence file to get you primed, excited and enthused to get out there and find the clients you’d love to work with.


Love Ruth