May 1, 2020

Despite other people’s perceptions of me, I still don’t feel I could own the label ‘confident’.

What I do though is take action every day on things that are just a little bit scary – and that is confidence.

I took courageous action when I stepped out of my sisters car at the airport to set off to travel the world alone.
When I handed in my notice on a senior leadership position that was not bringing me joy.
Every time I stand up in front of a room to deliver a training course.
Every time I evolve my career away from something safe to something I can learn and grow into.

Even better, courageous action has a ripple effect. It helps others too. Right now as things are changing and times are tough for many, it takes courageous action to make changes in your life and business but that cultivates confidence.


I love a list so here is my top 10 ten things I have learnt about confidence:

  1. Confidence is a skill you can learn, the more you use it the stronger it gets
  2. Try something new, one small task a day or a small step towards your goal
  3. Be in charge of your attitude
  4. Stop pleasing people over your own needs. Find the way to please both
  5. Get to know yourself and accept who you are
  6. Work on your mindset, manage and minimise negative self
  7. Develop habits to build your believe in yourself and your abilities
  8. Learn to look for the good things, practice gratitude
  9. Take on challenges, feel the fear and do it anyway
  10. Find and surround yourself with people who support you


Believe that you are capable, you are worthy and trust your intuition. If you don’t believe yet, find someone who does believe in you and develop a system to build that belief.


Love Ruth