60 Second Guide to Training

Dec 3, 2019

I must confess. I love training courses. Almost as much as a love designing and delivering training.

Hence the overexcitement about the flip chart pens during one of my previous training courses. 

I love training courses so much that the Guardian Careers Section wrote about me in 2016. Embarrassing. 

I must have attended hundreds of training courses. From puppy training to horticulture. Even though, I still have a huge list of things I’d love to learn. 

I asked you wonderful people what you most wanted me to write about. Creating training came high on the list so here is your 60 second guide.

Set Learning Objectives

I always start by setting the learning objectives for the training before I do anything else. Outlining the specific things I would like them to know and be able to do. Getting these objectives right, specific and measurable is critical to the success of the training. You can’t cover everything. Frustrating as that is. 

Sections and Activities

Once I have the objectives, I chunk the subject into 45 – 50 minute sections. For me, each section must include information and a practical activity. My aim is for everyone in the training to be actively learning for as much of the course as possible. We learn very little from just listening to someone speak. 

Planning and Practice

I like to have a timed plan for the whole training. I know it won’t be followed exactly but it helps me know whether I am trying to cover too much or too little. Then I practice each section to see if it works.


I am to have an evaluation in all my courses. This is where I make sure that the training I’ve designed will meet the learning objectives and to get suggestions of where I could improve. 

Love Ruth